Food and beverage waste management

IPR offers a wide range of food and beverage waste management services to help you reduce the amount of food and beverage waste going to landfill and to meet your sustainability targets.

If your business generates food waste, contact our team at IPR who have the expertise and knowledge to dispose of your waste responsibly.

In most cases, we can achieve a 100% recycle rate through redistribution (animal feed), recycling (composting) and recovery (landspreading) routes!

Our service is confidential and secure, so you can be assured that your waste product and brand are fully protected.

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We provide:

  • Food and beverage waste auditing
  • 100% recycling solutions
  • Collection and transportation
  • Secure product destruction
  • Brand protection
  • Nationwide service

Our Other Services

Bulk liquid treatment and removal

We offer specialist tanker services for the removal of waste, and treatment services for all types of hazardous waste that cannot be disposed of through usual waste channels.

Industrial cleaning services

For all tank and silo cleaning, our services can be tailored to suit any application – hazardous, or non-hazardous, via man-entry or automatic, both above and below ground.

General waste skips and recycling

We provide skips and recycling services to industrial and commercial clients on a either a regular or ad hoc basis. We are flexible, reliable and offer competitive rates.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous industrial or commercial waste can be in solid, liquid or gaseous form, packaged or in bulk. IPR provide complete solutions to classify, repackage (prior to collection) and transport to a licensed recovery or disposal facility.